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What Does It Mean To Be A Just Real Human?

by Sian Atkins September 27, 2022 3 min read

What does it mean to be a just real human?

I had to pause and think about the reaction to this question, not because I found it hard to answer, but because I had too much to say, as there are many traits that I think make humans decent. 

We don’t all have the same traits and some have stronger qualities than others, so in answering a question like this, I think it will always be held by the heart of the person who answers it, and today that’s me!

So here’s my top 3 traits (otherwise you would be reading a book) that I think makes for a Just Real Human.



We are not built to be perfect, and wouldn’t perfect be boring!?  We are not built to get it right all the time and that’s okay, as our greatest learnings are by our biggest mistakes.  As human science tells us, we are hardwired to have empathy and we closely associate ourselves with people who are closest to us.

Empathy is up at the top for me in what makes a Just Real Human.  The ability to feel empathy for fellow humans and animals alike.  To have the understanding of feelings of another.  To feel the sadness when someone is sad, to know right from wrong, to know when to reach out a hand or a shoulder to cry on, to be able to read someone’s feelings and be keenly aware.

I count myself as an empath

I’m definitely someone who is highly aware of the emotions of those around me, I question my own feelings, moral compass and always do my upmost to stay inline with how another person or animal is feeling at any given moment.  I often feel the emotions of another’s sadness and I care deeply. 



Kindness is a virtue which is paramount to me, especially being vegan. 

There’s a saying; ‘that it takes nothing away from a human to be kind to another’ and this without a shadow of doubt also is true for animals too; my veganism is based on this very belief.

We have the ability to be kind to all living beings so why wouldn’t we?  Why pick kindness for some and not others?  We of course won’t be friends with everyone, life doesn’t work that way, but we can choose to be kind to whoever crosses our path, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment.



Seemingly obvious you may think!  But, actually there are plenty who don’t encounter deep love in their lives.  This could be through traumatic childhoods, pain and grief throughout life or loneliness.  So actually if you have love in your life, be grateful for every last drop, hold that love tight and give thanks because love is a very precious feeling.

To have the ability to feel love and be loved is something that is often taken for granted and almost expected. 

Love is precious and can be shown in so many ways.  From daily snuggles while telling my children how much I love them to infinity and beyond, to the hand I hold of my husband and the deep love we possess for each other.  From the txt message or end of phone call telling my mum I love her, to the hug of a friend who has been with me through many happy and hard life moments.  From the dogs and other animals that filled my life with happy memories, to the book that captured my heart - love can truly arrive in so many ways.

I hope reading this you can sit back and feel these traits in your life, and I hope you can also show these traits and qualities to others.  

So to recap, we think empathy, kindness and love are three of the greatest qualities a human can possess to make them decent, but decency has to grow!

In this world and on this planet, goodness grows from the ground upand our first design of the autumn season brings this thought to life.

Maybe write down your own reasons why you feel you are a Just Real Human, and show someone love today, kindness can be as simple as a smile.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Siân x


Do you agree with our traits that make for a just real human? Let us know here

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