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We All Need To Slow Down | Part One

August 02, 2022 2 min read


Although I’m primarily writing about fast fashion and the importance of slow fashion, this had me thinking about how generally in life we all could probably do with taking a moment to breathe, gather our thoughts and really appreciate our surroundings.  So, when thinking about what to title this journal entry, ‘we all need to slow down’ really came to mind. 

 Maybe you have a garden that you love to sit in, a favourite walk or a park you love to visit?  Maybe your home is just your temple, but regardless always try your best to find a moment to have time for yourself Meditation, yoga, reading a book or watching your favourite film; do it for you, slow down and spend some time on yourself.

 Growing up, we were not well off by any means, but our mum never saw me, or my brothers go without.  Ever.  But that meant that from a very young age I learnt the value of money.  I worked paper rounds every morning, after school and then took on shifts at our local ‘sweet shop’; all whilst still at school, even when my friends didn’t earn money.  My brothers and I always had jobs as we liked earning.  We enjoyed saving up ourselves for what we wanted, never expecting (or wanting) our mum to buy us everything; because we respected that she had single handily brought us up and always gave us the best to what she could. 

 To this day, I hold true to these same values.

Earning meant I could save up until I had enough for the dress I had seen or the extra pair of trainers I liked.  It was super exciting once I had enough to go and get what I had saved up for, but never thinking about the effects fashion had on someone else, somewhere distant and far from us around the globe.  It was never even a passing thought.  

Like most, I assumed no wrong doings could ever be brought on from someone making the clothes or shoes that I wore.  In fact, I didn’t think about where my clothes come from until I hit my thirties; that’s a hell of a long time of being completely and utterly oblivious and ignorant to the problem of fast fashion and all that comes with it.

 So I’ll gather up a few facts and see you in part two, and let’s see if you also have been unaware of what goes on in the world of fast fashion.




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