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Celebrate International Coffee Day 2022

by Paul Atkins October 01, 2022 2 min read

At JRH we absolutely love coffee, it's a main staple in our everyday life.  To be fair for us it's only a morning drink.  Our process is simple, one or two cups from a french press cafetiere and we're set for the day.  We're not real afternoon or evening time coffee drinkers, our caffeine fix is purely morning based.

But today could not be a better one to celebrate and honour our favourite hot beverage, and our love for the good ol' black stuff, as it's International Coffee Day!  We like ours as it comes; our best coffee is black, strong and holds on that sugar thanks!

International Coffee Day is a day to celebrate that good old cup of joe, but more importantly it promotes fair trade coffee and raises awareness of the plight of coffee growers.  The “International Coffee Organisation” declared October 1st as International Coffee Day back in 2014, and since then it has only grown in popularity, with many coffee shops and businesses offering free cups, discounts and offers on everything coffee based.

The ICO hosts this Coffee Day as it promotes the fair trade of coffee at the same time as spreading awareness about coffee growers around the world and the struggles they face. Workers and growers in the coffee industry are able to express their views and issues more openly allowing them to achieve better conditions. On this day people also learn more about coffee, and the processes behind it's production, and maybe even try a few new blends!

Our passion for the java, gives us an excuse to showcase the fact with some of our own coffee inspired goods, such as the Karma Coffee Club t-shirt for both men and women, and the Smokin' Hot Diner tee, which is open all night for both men and women.  As with all tees, these are vegan and organic, with sustainability always in mind.

So whatever you're doing today, make sure you enjoy it with a proper pot of coffee!


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